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its so frustrating all the stuff I have to do college, art, art show coming up
I have four started fics and would love to finish them but I'm so busy and I think they're much better than anything I've posted here :(

bt some good news: im pretty sure I can finish at least one of them and post it really soon. so yay! (probably homin or taestal)

ok bye! (≧∇≦)/
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fic: why

title: why
pairing: chen, chen/xiu min
rated: r
word count: 1726
warning: character death, violence
summary: there is a killer on the loose targeting sme idols. one day chen walks into the sm building's bathroom and sees a message scrawled on the mirror in lipstick. the message directs him to the latest idol to go missing but also to the killer.

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Chen 6 25 12

fic: a panda bear and a puppy

title: a panda bear and a puppy
pairing: tao/kris
rated: g
word count: 1026
summary: tao looks through gifts from fans and finds some stuffed animals. selcas anyone?
a/n: inspired by these facebook pictures  | 
wrote this when the pics came out but never posted :P

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fic: oppa anyeonghaseyo

title: oppa anyeonghaseyo
pairing: tao-centric, tao/xiu min
rating: g
word count: 872
summary: tao is new to korea and meets minseok, but doesn't know any korean.
a/n: fluff. fiction. basis for this came from exo-m's youku interview.

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